One Call Now, Sunday, March 29

This is a message from Port Huron Northern Bands.  The text of this message can be found at

Congratulations to those participating in Cinderella this past weekend.  Nice show!

We have two DC Parade rehearsals this week, after school Monday and Thursday.  Please dress appropriately for outside practice.

DC trip meeting for students AND parents is Tuesday, March 31 at 4:30 or 7:30 PM in the PHN Band room.  Students and parents may attend different meetings.

Time is running out for the travel raffle.  Ask your student for a packet if you need another.

It’s a great time to be in the Northern Bands.

One Call Now, Wednesday, March 25.

This is a message from the Port Huron Northern Bands.  The text of this message can be found at

First, congratulations to the state solo and ensemble events this past weekend.  29 Ones and 10 Twos.  NICE JOB!

Next, we hope that you’ll take the time to see Cinderella this weekend.  It is loaded with band students from onstage talent, to backstage help, to set work, to playing in the Pit Orchestra to helping in the booth.  It is shaping up to be a great show.

Next, please consider either purchasing travel raffle ticket or handing the raffle envelope off to somebody you think might purchase one.

…and the last few announcements are for DC travelers only.

Students were handed a parade release form today.  They need to return this release tomorrow morning.  This release is their ticket to sign up for a bus seat.  If they forgot to bring one home, a link to the form can be found in the Twitter feed, on the front page of, and on many of the band facebook pages.

We have two parade rehearsals next week, Monday and Thursday immediately after school.

Finally, parent and student must attend a trip meeting next Tuesday, either at 4:30 or at 7:30 PM in the Northern Band room.

Thank you.  It’s a great time to be in the Northern Bands.

I will be at school starting at 7 PM Thursday!

Parade release form

Newest TWiB!

One Call Now - Sunday, March 22

Congratulations to State Solo and Ensemble participants. 
We had 29 First division and 10 Second Division ratings.

D.C. Parade Rehearsals this week Monday and Wednesday until 4 PM after school. D.C.
Bus Sign-up Tuesday for those paid in full on the trip.  

You’ll be receiving a mailing on Monday that includes the materials necessary to purchase a travel raffle ticket.  Please consider either purchasing a raffle ticket or recommending it to somebody by handing off the brochure and envelope to a friend or coworker. 
PLEASE don’t throw the envelope away!

Students need to make sure they do Friday’s online assignment by tonight.  
They were given time in class to complete it and use school machines.  
They get full credit for merely doing the assignment by this evening.

Finally, no Jazz Band this week

The text of this message can be found on

Interval assessment

Do your best.  Answer everything.
You get one point for each question answered (even if it is "I don't know")

Hair Survey #2

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Assignment Explanation

Hair Survey

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One Call Now March 12

This is a message from the Port Huron Northern Bands on Thursday, March 12.

Tomorrow is festival day!  We could still use some parent riders for the buses: freshmen from 1:30 - 6:30, Symphonic Band from 2:30 - 8:00 PM

Concert Band and Symphonic Band males and females should bring their concert uniforms to school.  There will be racks in the hallway on which to hang them for the day.

Guys: Tuxedo, including white, pleated shirt, bow tie, black dress shoes and black socks
Ladies: All black top and black pants, black shoes

Concert Band Members should leave classes by 1 PM to be dressed and ready to leave by 1:30.  

Symphonic Band members should leave classes halfway through 6th hour to be ready to board the buses by 2:30.

Students should bring money for concessions at the school.

Also, don’t forget to purchase your travel raffle tickets!  Contact us at for more information.

Good luck tomorrow bands!

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