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Congratulations to the awards earned by students at this year's MSU Performing Arts Camp
Kristy Croteau ('15), Drum Major, "Most Improved" at MSU Performing Arts Camp
Kate Lubbers ('16), Drum Major, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp
Jessica Ankley ('15), Drum Major, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp
Megan Burns ('15), Color Guard, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp
Nate Reynolds ('15), Percussion, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp
Dan Israel 
('15), Percussion, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp

Jasmine Bryce ('17), Percussion, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp
Noehl Bingham ('17), Percussion, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp
Ryan Day ('17), Percussion, "Big Ten Award" at MSU Performing Arts Camp

Rotary parade Wednesday! Wooooo!

The parade is Wednesday, July 9!
  • Wear BLACK pants (not leggings or yoga or workout pants)
  • black shoes (no stripes - black out any coloring)
  • Navy band polo (new band members, we’ll supply one to borrow)
4:30 PM Band Room opens
4:59 PM Band Room closes
5:15 PM Arrive by the Radio station (drink lots of water beforehand)
6:30 PM Parade begins
7:30 PM Pickup down by YMCA

You will need to walk to top of hill and find your ride

Don’t forget to make payments for camp

St. Stefan Orchestra will be playing... the 11:30 AM Catholic Mass on Sunday, July 6 at St. Mary Catholic Church, 1505 Ballentine, Port Huron, MI. Traditional liturgical music will performed by members of the St. Stephan's Orchestra from Germany and will feature brass players and the rest of the orchestra acting as the choir. 

St. Stefan orchestra members should be on site by 10:40 AM for setup and warmup.

The full orchestra will also be performing at Port Huron Northern High School

Sunday evening, 6 PM.  Doors will open at about 5:30 PM.

Performance is free.

Thank you for help with the hosting project!

Thank you to the following people and organizations for their help with
supporting the hosting project:

Jim Langolf
Dave and Denise Brooks
Paul Miller and WPHM

Yvonne Boone & Bob Hicks
Susan Cook
Mary Faley
Jim Frank
Pat & Terry Griffin
Mark Hoover
Curt, Cristy
Brian & Teresa Jex
Jim Langolf
Chris and Michelle Berberian
John & Lonnie Sharkey
Gail Nawrock
Shawn & Tom O'Grady
Patti Riley
Jen & Rich Pond
Helen Ruffing
Jen Douglas
Jennifer Senkmajer
Thelma (Yeri) & Charles Shafer
Jennifer Wallisch
Sharon Wilton
Carolyn Wolf

...and many other community members (more names coming)!

need more info on the hosting project?

Host German Orchestra students July 4-8

We are hosting 80 guests from out of the country from July 4-8. We are hoping your family would be able to help by taking  in 2 or more guests for this time.  We did this last summer, and many of our host families made friends with whom we still regularly correspond. Most of our visitors speak some English, and many, better than us! PLEASE take advantage of this opportunity, not to help *us*, but because we know you will get so much from the experience! 

You would be expected to provide a clean place to sleep, all meals while our guests are with us, as well as some Port Huron Hospitality while our guests are in town. Show them some neat things about the Blue Water Area!  Please confirm or call for more information at 810-689-4251, 810-966-6976, or email at  Thanks!

Friday, July 4
1:30pm Arrive Port Huron Northern High School 1799 Krafft Road., Port Huron.
Meet and go home with host families.  
Provide dinner, free evening.  

Saturday, July 5
Free Day with Host Families.
Provide all meals
Evening Bonfire with group members and host families.
Sunday, July 6       
Morning Church Service
Provide breakfast and Lunch
6:00 PM Evening Concert – St. Stephan's Orchestra at PHN PAC
Probably a potluck prior to the concert
Home with Host Families.

Monday, July 7     
Morning Free with Host Families
Provide all meals
1:00 PM Afternoon Beach Party
Evening Free with Host Families

Tuesday, July 8
Provide breakfast 
7:00 am HOLIDAY COACH arrive PHN, 1799 Krafft Road, Port Huron, Michigan
Group board bus and prepare for departure to Niagara Falls.
Please send off with a bag lunch: Include food, snack, drink.

Need the following information:

Your name ______________________________ Phone 1   _________________________________

Street ______________________________ Phone 2   _________________________________

City ______________________________ email    _________________________________

Number of people you can host 2 3 4 5 6 _______________

Do you have pets? Cats Dogs Other _______________

Click HERE for downloadable form
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